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68% of Adults watch over 50 linear ads a week

Source: BARB, Adults. Ads viewed at normal speed. Weeks 19 & 20 for each year (early May)

If you’re not currently advertising on TV, now is the ideal time to take the plunge. The first lockdown saw some startk changes in TV viewing behaviour which play into the hands of advertiser, making TV more cost-effective than ever for those looking to grow their business.

5 Reasons to be on TV

  • Linear TV viewing increased by 21% for all adults and by 51% for light viewers. This means you can reach the ‘harder to reach’ viewers with not only scale but frequency which is key to response (VOD increased by 45%)
  • Daytime viewing increased by 63% for ABC1 adults – this means you can now reach the working population through a daytime TV schedule, reducing the cost per thousand by about 50% against this audience (not allowing for any discounts)
  • Shared viewing increased by 30% – this is the perfect environment for advertising. Large screen (rather than mobile or tablet) and people watching together means that they are chatting and receptive to ads that would involve the family in decision-making – particularly good for home improvements & travel.
  • The increase in impacts has led to an increase in supply and the pricing therefore has dropped, making TV better value than ever. We really can buy a fantastic daytime-only campaign for spends as little as £15k a month.
  • For all the reasons above, TV advertisers have seen a huge surge in web traffic when they ran TV campaigns, some as much as 400% across a huge range of products, from pressure washers to Sipsmith Gin. It has also helped both online and offline retailers to tap into the huge demand with a starker than ever divide between the web traffic with TV running and without.

TV is a very positive medium and a lifeline right now. It has helped people keep positive and connected and provided a much-needed escape from the toughest thing that most people have been through. People have changed their TV habits through necessity but many say they have valued this so much it will become a permanent change: less individual viewing and more shared family time.

If you are thinking about TV then now is the time to action it. You will not regret it and it will change your business forever.

We provide a script to screen process and can help you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and low-risk test.

If you’d like to explore how to include TV in your mix, please get in touch:

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With thanks to Thinkbox for the shared graph & stats