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Black Friday 2023 – tips and tricks to make this your best yet.

It might be a relatively new date in the UK diary but there is no doubt Black Friday has become a key time for British retailers. Black Friday and its close cousin Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping days of the year, with 1 in 2 Brits participating in 2022.

The cost of living crisis is still very much on consumers’ minds so it’s safe to say we’re all on the lookout for a bargain. The brands that get their Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions right and communicate them effectively will boost profits, grow market share and reap the benefits all year long. Getting it right is easier said than done, so how do you make the most of this lucrative time of year?  Read on for AJ’s top tips.


  • Highlight your best deals upfront. Lead with your absolute best Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts in your ads to grab attention. 
  • Establish a sense of urgency. Run a time sensitive or limited stock offer to create a “fear of missing out”, prompting swift action.
  • Use eye catching creative. Use striking images, bold colours and large calls to action to stand out from the crowd. Black Friday is a noisy time to be advertising and it’s no time to be shy!
  • Get the timing right. Too early and your customers might hold out for a better deal, too late and they may have spent elsewhere. A week or two in advance is usually best. 
  • Implement the right media strategy. Putting your message in front of the right audience in a cost effective way is crucial to your Black Friday campaign success.
  • Understand your audience. Know what offers are likely to appeal to your customers and what motivates them to act.
  • Check your tech. Make sure your website is set up to correctly recognise and apply offers and discount codes.


  • Rely on generic ads. Capitalise on the “Black Friday Buzz” by making your creative Black Friday specific with clear promotional messaging. 
  • Wait until the last minute to plan your campaign. Avoid scrambling to create ads days before. Plan campaigns out well in advance.
  • Mislead customers. Steer clear of false discounts or exaggerated savings claims. Consumers can spot when a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal is not genuine.
  • Neglect social media. Promote your offer on social platforms and post deals natively to maximise reach.
  • Overwhelm your customers. Create a good deal and stick with it, make it clear and easy to understand. 
  • Offer the same deals as competitors. Differentiate yourself with unique and creative deals tailored to your products.

If you want to see examples of advertisers who got it wrong (and some who got it right) take a look at this Black Friday blog post.