Homing pigeons – new staff come home to roost

Attinger Jack begins 2017 with a full team having recruited into key positions and taken on extra resource to cover a growing workload. Three of the four new staff members have returned to the UK from all points of the compass, bringing valuable insights from their experiences abroad.

Hannah West – Media Manager

Hannah joins Attinger Jack with a background in marketing and media from UK and Australian markets.  She brings an array of experience from building successful acquisition strategies for many direct response clients over the years.  Having loved her five years in Australia, Hannah has now swapped flip flops for wellies.  She enjoys country walks, sunny bike rides and yoga, although still looks forward to planning the next adventure to somewhere hot.

Billie Arnold – Production Co-ordinator

Bath Spa University brought Billie Arnold to Bath from Gloucester in 2012.  After completing a year of a Fine Art degree, Billie transferred to do Graphic Communications, including a year studying History of Animation at the College of Columbia in Chicago.  Billie returned to Bath last year graduating with a 2:1, while also maintaining a successful job at GAP.  Now living in Bristol, Billie is enjoying her first taste of office life.  And much to the delight of her new colleagues, being a keen baker, Billie is a willing participant in the office Bake Off ventures.

Jamie Home – Media Executive

Having grown up in the Bath area, Jamie Home leapt at the opportunity to work close to home with Attinger Jack.  As a Media Executive, Jamie’s responsibilities include looking after TV advertising through BRTV and assisting the media team with the planning/buying process.  Jamie brings useful skills from a background in customer service, and, like Billie, is relishing being in a new environment called an office.

Jamie is a huge music fan and studied Audio Engineering at SAE in Liverpool.  Aged 10, his vinyl album collection started with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and Led Zeppelin’s self titled; reportedly his father’s proudest moment. Jamie considers his buying Sean Paul’s Dutty Rock album on the same day far less cool.

Fiona Carruthers – Media Executive

Although a West Country girl originally, Fiona Carruthers joins AJ having returned home after 15 years in New Zealand.  Fiona’s background in marketing and communications, makes her well positioned to provide in-house PR and communications support to an agency with a good deal to shout about.  With expertise in tailoring communications to key target audiences, Fiona is enjoying working with a completely new range of clients – a far cry from her early days in nutrition.

When not at AJ, Fiona can be seen running or cycling around the trails, having developed a passion for off-road running in the mountains of southern New Zealand.

To discover more about the team at AJ and what we can do for you, contact Alice Buttling-Smith or Ann Gardiner on 01225 758222 or email alice@aja.co.uk or ann@aja.co.uk