Creative workshops: If it’s broke, fix it

Just like top athletes, even the best creative can fatigue. If results aren’t on target any more, it could be time to freshen up.  AJ’s creative department is just that – creative. Whether surprising existing clients or delighting new ones, the team is expert at developing innovative ideas and re-working old ones.

Attuned to the symptoms of creative fatigue, AJ uses in-house creative workshops to examine its work for existing clients.  The new creative is presented to the client not only with the changes highlighted but, more importantly, the reasons why.  It makes clear to them what the work is aiming to achieve – to be better, stronger, more effective and to grow business.

For new clients, creative workshops emphasise the importance of good creative in a way which can be better appreciated by an untrained eye. By their very nature, direct response ads are not always ‘beautiful’.  Taking clients through the reasoning also helps those new to DR advertising understand why the right creative and skilful media buying go hand-in-hand.  Neither one can go it alone.

Case study: Damart strives for innovation, fun and vitality through its range of thermal clothing.  Our aim is to produce creative to reflect their aspirations as well as improve results.  We took Damart’s existing block-style ads and made some simple but effective changes to the layout, background and style of writing.  We introduced a graphic to communicate the key message, bullet points for easy reading and a ‘benefit’ headline.  The ‘call to action’ was also enhanced with a coupon and the panel describing the offer re-worked to boost its appeal.  We produced a series of ads with different offers, all aiming to upsell and, in turn, increase ROI.  Damart have started using two of these ideas with the potential for using more based on results.

Case study: Donald Russell sells quality meat off-the-page.  Their meat is sourced from animals raised on the pastures of Aberdeenshire in Scotland, so has an impressive provenance.  When we evaluated their creative, it was obvious this compelling part of the product offer was not being portrayed in their creative.  They were also restricting their advertising spend to the Christmas period alone.  The success of our new creative saw spend increase to enable activity beyond Christmas to cover Easter and the summer barbecue season.

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