What’s your favourite position?

How important is the position of your ad?  Right, left, facing matter, solus, display, classified…… What’s best and how much of a premium, if any, should we pay for prime sites?

In our experience, we find positioning ads with editorial is far more important than whether they are left or right, front or back half.  We also see a far higher response rate from ads facing matter, under matter and in solus sites.

It is then about how much you pay for these superior sites.  We always try to secure, and often do, premium positions without incurring extra cost.  We rarely find the higher ‘display’ rates are cost effective for our direct response clients, although there are some short-term exceptions.  There are, however, some great sites we buy through and classified teams which work particularly well.  Examples include: page 2, ‘Sunday’, Sunday Telegraph; solus, ‘Home’ interiors or gardening, Sunday Times; solus, puzzles page, Daily Mail; full page facing matter, midweek, The Times and Daily Express.

We have successfully increased ROI for clients through stronger positioning.  Partner this with relevant editorial and you are on to a winner!