Quarter one results start the year well

Attinger Jack’s first quarter figures make encouraging reading, giving the agency confidence its results-driven approach is the right one for its clients.

December is traditionally a hard month for DR agencies but AJ has seen increased profit for the second year in a row.  The agency puts this down to valid Christmas offers producing an increased ROI for many clients.  The resulting client confidence has produced increased spend and enabled AJ to do what it does best – grow existing clients’ business.

Large clients continue to be Aquability, Nationwide Mobility, Harrington & Byrne and Serious Readers, with new 2016 client, Cashmere Centre, entering this quarter’s top 10.

A developing area of activity for AJ is inserts.  AJ is working smarter in this area and exploring a variety of related substitutes when it suits the right clients, e.g. wrap throughs and backing boards/carrier sheets.  With a desire to continually test and review, this channel is opening up to offer a wider range of opportunities beyond the traditional.

Solus emails are also being used successfully with clients such as Eden Verandas.  AJ prefers to use publisher-distributed emails, buying a targeted database and supplying creative.  With integrated tracking methodology, click throughs, brochure requests and conversion rates are all monitored closely.  For some clients, this has a marketing percentage of just 5%.

The strength of AJ’s relationship with media owners continues to be an important factor in securing the best media deals, particularly late space offers, an AJ speciality.  The latest example is the new Interiors feature in the Telegraph’s Saturday, launched last week, in which AJ secured three of the nine spaces, including the hero image.

A growing AJ skill is to attract previous clients back to the agency, and as 2017 continues we hope to report back on how and why accounts have returned to us.  This is one of the most satisfying endorsements of a job well done; repeat business.

To find out more about how AJ can grow your business, contact Lesley Bowman on 01225 758222 or lesley@aja.co.uk.