Free isn’t futile

Contrary to seemingly popular opinion, free creative does not equal poor creative.  AJ continues to show the quality and quantity of creative is not compromised by offering it free of charge.

For AJ’s clients, a free creative model is the most cost effective approach.  Our clients can test a range of creative, sizes and titles without incurring unnecessary creative costs.  This way, we help to secure the most value from their media budgets, saving on average 30% and keeping cost per lead as low as possible.

Direct response ads also have to enhance brand perception.  Message, tone of voice and a consistent look all contribute to maximising the credibility of a brand and value of a product.  AJ’s creative team covers both disciplines.

New creative on a regular basis also keeps a campaign fresh; even the best creative can fatigue.  As we’ve said before, if it’s broke, fix it.  AJ takes this approach a step further.  New creative is presented to the client not only with the changes highlighted but, more importantly, the reasons why.  We make clear what the work is aiming to achieve – to be better, stronger, more effective and to grow business.

Lower CPE, increased sales and heightened brand awareness – all proof the right creative can make a difference to advertising performance whatever the price.

Case study: Reading light specialist, Serious Readers, needed more from press.  Its range of reading lights is world-renowned, using expensive technology, reflected in the product price.  Creative for these products therefore has to provide a convincing reason to buy based on brand perception – product credibility, a sense of quality and portraying Serious Readers as the voice of authority in reading lights.  AJ’s creative team centres key messages around performance relevant to the target market, creating empathy with the potential purchaser.  The visual focus uses a consistent and distinctive look based on the product’s central attributes, keeping the look simple.  In all aspects of the ad’s structure, consideration is given to the reader’s eyesight.  Within a year the press response target has been achieved using this approach, resulting in an increase in activity from being seasonal over four months to a full 10-month plan.

To learn more about how we can produce the right creative for you, contact Ann Gardiner on 01225 758222 or email