What’s hot in the heat?

The recent heatwave has impacted clients’ results. So how do we respond?

The summer sunshine of mid-June was a welcome treat, but the intensity of such infrequent high temperatures can make us sluggish.  And we certainly saw a slower than normal response to ads during that time.

But that’s why clients employ specialist direct response agencies like us – as they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

We used our specific late space skills to secure deals as late and as cheaply as possible.  We focused on prime positions such as back page solus, front page strips and solus ads on editorial pages.  All have helped to stimulate demand.  Here are our top tips for combating the effects of heat-induced lethargy:

  • Private Eye and the Week have worked particularly well, with circulations stronger than ever. Being non-daily publications, they benefit from being read throughout the week. 
  • A front page solus 10 x 8 with the Daily Telegraph is a tricky format to make work, but worth the effort as it’s delivered great results when bought short term.
  • Advertorials have also produced positive results. The formatting of text and images by the newspaper or magazine brings a valuable perceived endorsement for the advertised product.
  • You may have noticed AB splits are all the rage with us at the moment; we never fail to learn from them. They offer a low risk way of testing headlines, offers, creative styles, price points and even the positioning of an offer within an ad.  The offer position made a 200% difference to response in one of our recent AB splits; you can’t ask for clearer than that.

If the hot weather returns, and we hope it does, we know how to protect our clients from advertising ‘sunburn’.