Time for a change….

Spring has sprung. There is blossom on the trees and new life in the fields. It is a time of rejuvenation and vitality.  Perhaps time to consider how TV can inject new life into your business and maybe add a spring to your step….

Have declining newspaper and home interest magazine circulations seen your cost per lead increase and meant the volume of leads you need are harder to achieve? Or perhaps you have just hit a ceiling and want to grow your business further.  We have clients who have fallen into both categories and TV has offered them a new lease of life.
Dream Doors started a TV campaign on Boxing Day 2017, a January sale for 10 days, and it made such an impact that they continued with TV for the whole of 2018. Eden Verandas produced a commercial in 2017 and we use it for 6 months of each year, during peak times, to maximise their key season. They have just gone back on air in March with a modest £15k spend and experienced over £50k of sales before the month even ended (and they have a typically long lead time). Out & Out have just launched their first TV campaign with their garden furniture, whilst Kinetico have found that their press campaigns work fantastically when supported by TV;  we are just about to test an ongoing campaign to keep leads coming in outside their campaign offer period.
Not only do we get clients onto TV for the first time in a very low risk and manageable way – essentially our objective is to prove TV as a medium for their business – we also have a strong track record of taking existing campaigns and making them work harder. Using a combination of ‘tweaking’ the creative, introducing analytical tools, close campaign monitoring and employing flexibility with the sales houses to cherry pick channels rather than buy channel packages, the results we have delivered show significant improvements.

To learn more about how TV can breathe new life into your business contact Lesley Bowman on 01225 758222 or email lesley@aja.co.uk.

Don’t leave it too late to reach your garden lovers


The gardening season is something of a mystery these days with the hottest weekend in Feb followed by a thick covering of snow a fortnight later, promises of Indian Summers combine with threats of Arctic blasts – so when should you start advertising for gardening products?  We have found that the early bird can certainly catch the worm. You need a strong offer to tempt people, but with that you can certainly extend and maximise the garden season.

Out & Out starting selling their garden furniture in January this year– 2 months earlier than usual and we have had some amazing results to pre-order products. So we may not know what weather is around the corner, but being British we want to make sure we are ready to enjoy every drop of sunshine that comes our way.

Targeting the mature market but not on TV yet?

If you are spending monthly budgets for £25k+ in newspapers & magazines with products that target the mature market then TV is a great addition to your schedule.

The 65+ market are high consumers of daytime TV, so how can you tap into this potentially lucrative audience?

As always we take a considered and results-driven approach. We can see what’s working with an initial learning phase, at low risk to you, by carefully selecting the right channels from the wide variety of channels available. Application of this knowledge is vital if you want to make your budget work as effectively as possible.  The programming in daytime is low engagement so response rates are higher, and due to the wide variety of channels available you can select the channels with lower viewing figures to make it low risk during the learning phase.

Many agencies buy TV as a package of channels, the sales house bundles channels together and you agree a budget across these channels, but they can weight the delivery by channel to suit their inventory.  This is fine for branding and products with a very broad audience, but if you are going for a niche audience (like 65+) then there is too much wastage for this approach to be efficient.

For example the UKTV channels would include Drama, Alibi, Yesterday, Home, Really, Gold, Eden (all good for 65+) but also Goodfood, W, Dave (not good for 65+) – the same would be true of the Sky packages. By selecting only the top ranking channels you increase the chances of success and maximise your audience. AJ’s strategy ensures that the budget works to suit your business, not the agendas of the sales houses.

Adults 65+ view TV mainly in a comfort, unwind or In Touch state

The states typified by the 65+ audience and indeed the programming within them, are conducive to response; for comfort and unwind they are in relax mode, the content is low engagement and easy to view and for In Touch it is news, current affairs and documentaries – again programmes that are easy to interrupt and to act on an ad.

In contrast, the higher states for a younger audience are distract and indulge, which include series and movies which are highly engaging.

Target Channel Group … A65+ IMPACTS (R/W) A16+ IMPACTS (R/W) Proportion of 65+ viewers
A65+ Total 69,619,061.02 196,041,963.86 35.5%

The stats above show the % of viewing impacts that are 65+ as 35%, the 65+ population is 23% therefore there is a positive index of 152 so a very strong market to get targeting through this medium.

Attinger Jack can help you approach TV on a low-risk, test basis. Every channel on your schedule would be chosen purely to deliver the best results for your business and not for any other reason.