How direct sellers can keep their businesses moving right now

Well a lot has changed in the last week or so and although this will be the toughest challenge most of our business face, there are some positives that we’d like to share along with some ideas and support that AJ can offer which we hope will be helpful.

Newspapers –The circulations are increasing all the time (Daily Telegraph 12%, Daily Mail 5%, The Times 6%) and several newspapers have put measures in place to ensure their papers still get to their readers by offering free delivery.  The Evening Standard is  being distributed in Sainsbury’s and Waitrose as well as being home delivered within certain postcodes.  There has never been higher engagement with the news content and in the 70+ age bracket in particular where their main source of news is their paper it’s going to be a very welcome delivery of the thing that is connecting them with the world. In addition, we have negotiated reduced rates in many titles and there are deals to be done.

For many businesses, there will be benefits, for example The Daily Mail have surveyed their reader panel and 45% of people plan to do more gardening and DIY in the coming weeks.

Inserts –We would avoid newsstand inserts at the moment (although the majority of magazine sales are through supermarkets who are still open), but there has been a surge in magazine subscriptions with home interest titles increasing their subs by over 100% in the last few days.  Third party inserts, subs and membership titles are all guaranteed to get into the home and again are more likely to be read in the current climate.  The other benefit to inserts is that they are retained and therefore if you have a product/service that can’t currently be sold (as you need to be in homes for appointments/demo/installation) then inserts are a great way to communicate as they will be kept by those who are interested but can’t action now, so the spend is not wasted.

TV – as you would expect the viewing figures are escalating; 56% of the population plan to watch more TV in the coming days/weeks.  News viewing is up 44%, daytime viewing has increased by 20% and viewing of on-demand platforms like All4 and ITV have increased by 10%.  There is increased inventory, high engagement and the ability to reach the working population during daytime (just like that sweet spot between Christmas and New Year).  We have negotiated reduced rates in daytime and expect to be able to get approximately 20% reduction in CPT – so if you have a TV commercial and you have services that you can sell now then this should be a great opportunity to drive traffic and make sales.  If you are currently restricted, then TV is a great way to keep your product front of mind with a customer for when we do return to normality and you could achieve this with a very low-level spend.

Digital – online traffic to the newspapers and magazines is seeing huge spikes with record numbers day after day.  We have deals in place with the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph – but there are plenty of options outside of this too, for performance based campaigns to a profiled audience for lower CPT than they have ever traded before and in the case of the Daily Mail they will guarantee a click through rate for each client too.

How we can help

If you can keep the ball bouncing now it will be far easier to hit the ground running when the restrictions are lifted, even if this is at a very low level. AJ is still very much open for business, with the whole team set up to work remotely. We can offer our service on a project basis to fill any gaps in resources or services that you have available. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if we can be be of any help to your business at this time.