It’s all in the timing

We have worked with Out & Out  for 3 years and we have steadily built their media schedule.  Starting with advertorials in home interest mags and newspapers, the success from these led to increasing the range of titles, and also the sizes, so our portfolio of ads now ranges from a composite ad (image and 75 words of text set by the publishers) to a DPS.  The titles range from home interest and gardening mags (we are in almost every one) to national newspapers and supplements to membership magazines – with the focus being a good coverage of their ABC1 45+ typical customer and a low CPT.

We individually code and track every ad – the code gives a discount at checkout so you have to use it to get it, which means we know exactly what each ad is generating.  The results this year have been unbelievable, for obvious reasons, so our job was to maximise the potential of the current lockdown.  As a result our spend in press has increased by 150% while response rates have increased by 250%.

From press we launched on TV last year – a low level of spend saw a very high return in terms of uplift in sales on their website, which started when we turned TV on and reduced when we turned it off, but it was hard to track exactly what was generated in the way we do in press.   So we edited the commercial and included an offer: £100 off with a TV code and can now see exactly what TV is generating. We can see a strong profit from the orders on the code but in addition we see surges in traffic whilst we are on air so there are plenty more sales from TV that are not being attributed.  As a result, we have this week made another commercial for their indoor product range.

Inserts were next – we tested these in February – and every single placement that ran has made a profit and in the case of the home interest titles we are seeing ROI’s of 10:1 – the next plan has been booked and is starting in May.

We are also working on maximising the Out & Out customer base and have created postcards to upsell relevant product to customers (e.g. a protective cover for their lounge set, a parasol for their dining set) and we have seen up to 30% response rates!

All in all, this is the perfect account for us.  The client gives us access to all the results, and he allows us to run the marketing for him. We report the figures back and put forward new ideas, which he is always open minded about trying.  Our client is hard working, ambitious, driven and we work brilliantly together to make the most of every opportunity we can find.