Weekend changes at the Telegraph – what’s the verdict?

Four weeks on from the launch of the new Telegraph sections, what have we found? Alice Buttling-Smith gives us an update.

A bit of a mixed bag to be honest. No drastic differences but, overall, it’s looking positive. Relaunches often mean price hikes for clients, but this hasn’t been the case.  Short-term availability has remained pretty much the same.

The creation of several premium sites is the primary benefit of the new format. We believe good positioning is key to strong results.  Of particular note has been the page 2 solus 25 x 4 in Sunday, which has worked really well for our clients.  This is also true for the 25 x 8 under the games and puzzles at the back of the section.

We have booked a number of clients into these sections, and based on what we’ve seen so far, we’ll be continuing to do so.


Weekend changes at the Telegraph

Did you notice anything different about the Telegraph newspapers last weekend?  The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph both relaunched their weekend offerings. Saturday’s previously-named Weekend is now called Saturday, with Sunday’s Living section becoming, wait for it……Sunday.   Saturday now includes the sections on gardening and cars, alongside its other lifestyle segments.  Sunday has changed to a broadsheet format enabling amplified coverage of gardening and property.  But are these changes good or bad?  Alice Buttling-Smith reviews the implications for clients.

Saturday’s changes are good.  For gardening clients, the relevant content is retained but with an almost certainly higher readership being among other lifestyle segments than when it was a stand-alone section.   This is particularly true out of season when gardening alone might become less popular.  For advertisers in Weekend, again the change is good.  Gardening is popular so its inclusion should boost the section overall; it’s a good fit with the other lifestyle content.

I’m not so sure about incorporating Cars into Saturday though – to me this doesn’t work so well.  Cars, traditionally, has a male audience, which seems to go against the food, health, lifestyle feel of the other Saturday segments.  Cars advertising, outside of the brand ads, tends to be a bit crude, e.g. Machine Mart, BiGDUG, WOLF Garten.  I think Cars would fit better with Property.

Sunday’s content remains very similar to Living, but with an increased focus on the strong features of gardening and property.  The big change is format – and something I welcome.  25 x 4 ads under editorial have good stand out and this new format allows plenty of opportunities for them.  There is also a new ad site on the puzzles spread; in Living, this was just a DPS with no ads. The new site is great, attracting a long dwell time and a perfect fit for many of our clients.  We were quick to secure it for reading light specialist, Serious Readers, in the very first issue.

Overall the changes are good but it’s really about the numbers.  We wait with anticipation to see how Saturday and Sunday perform over the next few weeks.  AJ placed 10 ads in the launch weekend sections, capturing some of the best sites.  We’ll keep you posted on how they perform.