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Category: Press

Black Friday 2023 – tips and tricks to make this your best yet.

It might be a relatively new date in the UK diary but there is no doubt Black Friday has become… Read more »

Why press advertising is still relevant in a digital world.

It feels like press advertising can take a back seat when it comes to media planning.  But is this fair? … Read more »

Out of Touch or On the Button?

Hands up, who wants to be younger and sexier? Probably most of us and brands are no exception. But why… Read more »

Return of the QR Code

Sometime in the 2010’s QR codes seemed to be the next big thing in advertising but they never really took… Read more »

Avoid an own goal this Black Friday

Black Friday can offer retailers a real opportunity to drive sales with the potential to reach a huge customer base… Read more »

New client win

AJ has been appointed by refrigeration giant Liebherr to create and deliver their next brand response campaign. As Europe’s largest,… Read more »

What are your plans for summer?

Lots of us will be enjoying the long-awaited holiday abroad, but what will be happening closer to home? If, like… Read more »

And the Award goes to…

So 2021 proved to be pretty much as challenging as 2020 – but I guess you could argue that this… Read more »

So long Stella…

I was sad when I heard that the Telegraph were closing Stella. I thought it was one of the best… Read more »

Life after lockdown, what happens now?

It looks like the road map is finally taking us where we want (and need) to be. And, thanks to… Read more »