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Category: TV

Ads on streaming services – a win for everyone?

Amazon is the latest streaming service to announce the introduction of advertising to its platform.  However, Amazon have taken a… Read more »

2024 Advertising Predictions. What To Expect in the Coming Year.

When you work as far in advance as we do it sometimes feels like the “New Year” has been with… Read more »

The TV Advertising Reach/Targeting Trade-off Myth

TV gets a lot of love because of its enormous advertising reach. It’s widely accepted that if you want to… Read more »

Christmas TV ads – is Kevin the Carrot still fresh? Can Tesco deliver?

This time of year really serves to remove any doubt that TV advertising still gets noticed and still makes an… Read more »

TV campaigns go from strength to strength

As we return to a period of relative stability after a turbulent couple of years we have taken the time… Read more »

Competitors on TV but you’re not? Don’t get left behind..

Brands who invest in TV reap big rewards. With the battle for consumer attention fiercer than ever there is nothing… Read more »

Five facts about TV advertising..

These fiendish facts about TV advertising from Thinkbox might surprise you: No other form of advertising has the reach of… Read more »

TV boosts all other media

When your TV campaign is running and you’re getting a good direct response, it’s easy to overlook the ‘Halo Effect’…. Read more »