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Category: TV

And the Award goes to…

So 2021 proved to be pretty much as challenging as 2020 – but I guess you could argue that this… Read more »

A fruitful blend of BR & DR TV

At AJ, we understand the value of a blended approach and that sometimes the ideal solution to driving sales is… Read more »


Did you know?

A TV budget goes so much further now than ever before – and it’s much more effective. Working with the… Read more »

Life after lockdown, what happens now?

It looks like the road map is finally taking us where we want (and need) to be. And, thanks to… Read more »

68% of Adults watch over 50 linear ads a week

If you’re not currently advertising on TV, now is the ideal time to take the plunge. The first lockdown saw… Read more »

Why you need to be on TV

TV produces the most profit at the greatest cost efficiency for the lowest risk.  Every major piece of research into… Read more »

There’s never been a better time to be on TV

The first lockdown saw some stark changes in TV viewing behaviour which play into the hands of advertisers, making TV… Read more »

TV strengths continue to shine

At AJ we have always appreciated the power of TV advertising and understand its huge effect on all elements of… Read more »

You can have your cake and eat it

As you would expect, TV viewing figures have increased and this provides an opportunity for advertisers to either gain some… Read more »


Media Update from Alice Buttling

In a week where we thought things might be getting clearer with the promise of a ‘road map’ to exit… Read more »