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Quooker Case study

Quooker are the world’s most famous boiling water tap and the only one to deliver guaranteed 100ºC boiling water. In addition, it also offers the usual hot and cold and now, with the introduction of the new Quooker CUBE, chilled and sparkling too. All at the turn of the tap.

Quooker have always been brand focused and invested heavily in TV advertising. It has a strong impact on their retail sales which make up 70% of their turnover. Looking to grow their direct sale side of the business, AJ put forward a daytime only DRTV plan with a 60 second DRTV commercial. In comparison to the brand commercial which is very much about lifestyle, the DRTV version focussed on the tap’s USP’s and method of operation. This has proved highly effective and had a marked effect on direct sales, which have increased by 50%.


Create an informative commercial to educate viewers on the usage of a Quooker Tap

To encourage purchase with a relevant and persuasive offer

Ensure Adalyser is up and running to manage performance of campaign.

Cherry pick programmes that have a high index against AB 55 years+

Create TV scheduling to complement Brand TV activity


Always looking to reduce costs for a client, AJ bought a daytime TV campaign at 50% off the standard pricing. The result was that online traffic soared and delivered Quooker their lowest ever cost per site visit. In addition, we upweighted the weekend airtime to reach as much of the working population as possible. The campaign focussed on ‘Home Environment’ programming with a 60 second informative commercial.

This meant we were able to compromise on frequency based on the long length ‘educational’ commercial. We also selected a broad range of TV channels to gain as much coverage as possible with the budget allocated.


  • Campaign delivered a 25% lower cost per new GA user.
  • Cost per site visit on the channels where we also ran the BRTV campaign was up to 50% lower – showing additional efficiency when running both Brand and DR together.
  • Direct sales increased significantly.
  • Since the test we have continued to run the DRTV campaign alongside the BRTV when ‘in campaign’ and as a stand-alone, when out of campaign.
  • During lockdown we pulled the Brand campaign as the retailers were closed. When we started the DRTV version in July, we saw amazing results with cost per new GA users at an all-time low.
  • Due to the strong results both in terms of new GA users and direct sales, the DRTV campaign now runs all year round. Historically the client was only on air for 6 months of the year in 2-to-3-month bursts.
  • Research conducted by Adalyser showed the short and long-term benefits on running both Brand and DRTV side by side at the same time.
AJ took a unique and refreshing approach which won them the account. They have not disappointed and the results have followed. We therefore highly recommend them!