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Competitors on TV but you’re not? Don’t get left behind..

Brands who invest in TV reap big rewards.

With the battle for consumer attention fiercer than ever there is nothing quite like TV advertising to get results and raise brand awareness. If you’ve seen your competitors on air but you aren’t, it’s guaranteed you are missing a trick.

So don’t let your competitors get ahead!

Achieving a strong share of voice in advertising is an essential strategy. But if your competitors are getting their brand out there, and you’re not, they will be forefront in the minds of your potential customers.  

Pivotal in achieving widespread brand awareness and customer recognition

TV advertising drives growth and sales. So if you’ve seen your competitors on TV they’ve already got an advantage. But it’s not too late to catch up – just don’t let them leave you behind!

Why does TV advertising get results?

As a media channel, TV has enormous reach. Almost every household in the UK has a TV and tunes in regularly. There is a massive audience there, just waiting for your message. So, if you want a lot of people to know about your brand, put it on TV! 

What makes the difference?

The visual and auditory impact of TV is just not achievable through other media. The creative possibilities available mean an advertiser can craft a commercial that is visually captivating. And a memorable ad elicits a genuine emotional response from the viewer. (See our post on classic TV ads if you want proof of this one! 

TV advertising inspires action

When you consider this alongside the targeting possibilities of TV advertising and the fact consumers are more likely to trust an advert running on TV more than adverts on any other medium it’s easy to see how TV advertising inspires action and drives sales. Quite simply, TV advertising allows you to build a meaningful relationship with consumers and lots of them! And that’s exactly why your competitors are doing it!

Time for you to take action!

AJ has huge amounts of experience in running effective TV advertising campaigns. And we could do the same for you. If seeing competitors’ ads has made you think about running a TV but you’re not quite sure if TV advertising is right for you get in touch to find how we can help.