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Fox launches new streaming service in the UK

Fox has announced it is to bring its ad-supported streaming service, Tubi to UK audiences. In the coming weeks Tubi will be available for UK viewers to access as a free app on connected TVs, iOS and Android devices and via the web. 

What is new streaming service Tubi?

Tubi will offer more than 20,000 films and TV episodes available on demand. Drawing content from Disney, Lionsgate, NBCUniversal and Sony Pictures Entertainment Tubi aims to compete directly with Netflix, Disney +, BBC iPlayer, ITVX and Channel 4 On Demand.  

Fox states that it is committed to a “100% free ad-supported model” a canny move given the current cost of living crisis and one that is already paying off overseas. Since launching in North America last year Tubi has gained 80 million active monthly users and is the fastest growing streaming service in the US. 

What does this mean for the TV industry?

The established streaming services will not welcome this new competition. However, it is likely to be good news for viewers and advertisers alike. Viewers will benefit from quality, free content and advertisers will gain a welcome route to audiences, many of whom will have proved harder to reach in recent years as the subscription streaming services fragmented the market. 

It’s still early days in the evolution of the streaming services. We watch with interest as companies refine and change their offerings in order to remain relevant and profitable.

The pace of change is rapid and none of us have a crystal ball. If advertisers are to maintain their reach and communicate effectively with their target consumers they need an agency that really knows their stuff.  At AJ we’re in constant communication with media owners. Our experience as a media independent also lets us objectively assess new offerings. We know which new opportunities are worth pursuing and which ones aren’t quite developed enough yet. We keep a close eye on the ever changing media landscape so we’re able to offer our clients clear and unbiased advice. 

If you’re finding it difficult to know what will work for you in a constantly changing TV environment drop us a line. We’re always happy to talk you through your options and help you figure out what’s best for you and your brand.