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Not just any advertising – this is TV advertising

Every strong relationship centres around trust, the relationship between brand and consumer is no exception. TV advertising can help build that bond.

Potential purchasers need to have faith a brand will deliver on what they promise and advertisers need to work hard to reassure and reinforce their worth. Therefore building trust is particularly important for brands in their growth phase. And it is essential for “high stakes” offerings such as financial services.  If you’re looking to form a more meaningful relationship with your potential customers TV advertising could be the answer.

TV advertising can play a significant role in helping to build consumer confidence and understanding.  

Unlike most other media, TV is welcomed into our homes on a near universal basis. TV viewers are loyal, feeling an affinity with their favourite channels and personalities. These positive feelings extend to the advertising too, meaning a TV ad benefits from the implied endorsement of the host channel. Viewers also assume the advert would not be accepted by the channel if the brand was not of good standing. 

However, TV advertising’s reputation as trustworthy is based on more than consumer perception. 

All ads that appear on air need to have been vetted and cleared by Clearcast. This is a robust checking process that weeds out any false claims or dubious statements. Not only that, many people assume (often wrongly) that a TV advertising campaign needs to be hugely expensive and therefore any company who can afford to be on air must not only be legitimate but successful to boot. 

Consumers are bombarded by a bamboozling amount of communication on a near constant basis

So it’s not surprising that much of it is viewed with a healthy degree of skepticism. Thankfully, TV allows advertisers to rise above the noise and build a more meaningful rapport with their target audience. 

If you’re interested in boosting confidence and trust in your brand, TV advertising should be number one on your list. Why not get in touch to find out how we can help you get on air?

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