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Business insight

We take a look at your business from the outside in

Having worked closely with many direct sales businesses during the last 25 years we’ve gained huge insight into how they function and found, not surprisingly, that no two are the same.

As a direct response agency, AJ has always prided itself on working harder and digging deeper into a client’s business than our competitors. This means we are not just designing ads and booking space but taking responsibility for how the ads actually perform, and so help our clients to get as much value as possible from their media investments. It is from this interest that our Business Insight was born. We offer a full analysis of your direct sales business and a detailed report on how your business performs – from the outside looking in.

Business Insight Processes

A creative evaluation

Could the creative work better? Is there a strong call to action, clear product details, the right tone? Are there enough ads? Is there enough testing? Is attribution in place and is it working?

What happens when a customer calls?

We undertake ‘mystery shopping’ to test the customer journey at every step. Is it straightforward? Is it a pleasant experience? Is the website easy to navigate – can customers find what they want?

How does the website perform?

We audit the site and analyse the flow/function. Do codes work where they need to. We look at conversion rates and bounce rates – is data captured successfully. Is the process seamless?

Customer service experience

We create a customer survey and analyse results. Do customers recommend you, buy again? We monitor response times and customer communications, testing the handling of a difficult customer: is your problem solving/complaints procedure efficient?

Product deliverables

We examine the product expectation versus the package that arrives in the home. (creative is important here). We evaluate customer satisfaction and review the returns/exchange/refund experience. Is the system robust?

Contact strategy

Is the strategy efficient? Is there a clear relationship with the customer; is the customer valued? Is the customer pipeline maximised e.g. are customers fed further/regular offers via an ongoing dialogue? Is repeat purchase encouraged?

Finding more customers

What strategies are in place? Is there regular profiling? Are you constantly building on success? Your existing customers are likely to be a fast and highly cost effective way of generating further sales as their friends are typically of a similar profile.

We don’t just want to run ads and step away, we have a huge amount of knowledge and experience to share which helps our clients achieve more from their advertising. Often clients are too close to see where the cracks are and simple changes can make a big difference. We believe that by being an extension of our client’s marketing dept, we gain greater insight, the more we can help. The AJ Way.
Alice Buttling, Managing Director