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Hot off the press

Rising to the challenges ahead

As month 1 of 2023 draws to a close we have had an eventful start to the year and I think it is going to be a year of opportunity and trying new things.

2022 was a challenge – coming out of the Covid years was supposed to mean that things went back to ‘normal’ but then throw in the war in Ukraine, the continued fall out from Brexit, the resignation of the PM (twice!), death of our Monarch, rising fuels costs, inflation and the announcement that we are in a recession – oh and not forgetting Royal Mail strikes at Christmas – and you hardly have ideal conditions for businesses.  Despite all this, however, most of our clients ended up having a pretty strong year and learning a few lessons along the way.

So is 2023 looking any better?  I would love to say yes, but in reality we are all going to have to work harder to encourage consumers to part with their cash.

We know that there are plenty of ways that we can make the campaigns run more efficiently and fortunately for us (and our clients) it is in our culture to be constantly coming up with new ideas and initiatives. We are well placed to do this and have lots of results to prove things work.

So each month we will be focussing on an idea to generate more sales – either from new mediums or working existing ones harder – to ensure that our clients (and potential clients) thrive in 2023.

Alice Buttling, MD