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Small budgets can lead to big reactions

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt it’s that there is no formula to predict what ads will be a hit or a miss. Human beings are complex, unpredictable individuals and it’s nigh on impossible to get something that resonates with everyone. We do know however, there is no direct correlation between money spent on production and campaign results. We are delighted that a low key, almost “no budget” advert for Charlie’s Bar in Enniskillen has become the surprise hit of the festive season. The huge outpouring of love for this advert more than proves our theory that a great ad doesn’t have to cost a packet.

In retail, the success of a year depends on just a few short weeks trading. For many brands Christmas time is their make or break. The big players spend millions to ensure they strike just the right note for their festive ad campaigns. This heartfelt commercial, reportedly made for just £700 has delivered a reaction most brands can only dream of.

Pass the tissues please…

Why has this ad been such a rip-roaring success? If we knew that we’d all be making adverts for £700 but I can hazard a guess….There’s some thing beautifully simple and uncomplicated about the advert for Charlie’s bar. You can tell it wasn’t shot using an elaborate set or expensive cameras but that doesn’t matter. In fact the low budget production adds to its charm. What matters is the story, how it gets under our skin and pulls at our heart strings. Also, perhaps we’re all a bit bored of massive companies producing glossy ads that urge us to buy, buy, buy and this low key invitation to come and have a pint is the perfect antidote to that?

What is certain is that by understanding your audience and working out what motivates them you can produce an advert that delivers impressive results and you definitely don’t need to spend a million on it!

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