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Hitch a ride with TV Sponsorship

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sparkly sphere with 2024 written on it in gold

2024 Advertising Predictions. What To Expect in the Coming Year.

When you work as far in advance as we do it sometimes feels like the “New Year” has been with… Read more »

Competitors on TV but you’re not? Don’t get left behind..

Brands who invest in TV reap big rewards. With the battle for consumer attention fiercer than ever there is nothing… Read more »

Five facts about TV advertising..

These fiendish facts about TV advertising from Thinkbox might surprise you: No other form of advertising has the reach of… Read more »

A big impact without a big budget

The reach and power of a TV advertising campaign is unbeatable but many marketing professionals are surprised when they find… Read more »

68% of Adults watch over 50 linear ads a week

If you’re not currently advertising on TV, now is the ideal time to take the plunge. The first lockdown saw… Read more »

There’s never been a better time to be on TV

The first lockdown saw some stark changes in TV viewing behaviour which play into the hands of advertisers, making TV… Read more »