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Hot off the press

Time for a change….

Spring has sprung. There is blossom on the trees and new life in the fields. It is a time of rejuvenation and vitality.  Perhaps time to consider how TV can inject new life into your business and maybe add a spring to your step….

Have declining newspaper and home interest magazine circulations seen your cost per lead increase and meant the volume of leads you need are harder to achieve? Or perhaps you have just hit a ceiling and want to grow your business further.  We have clients who have fallen into both categories and TV has offered them a new lease of life.
Dream Doors started a TV campaign on Boxing Day 2017, a January sale for 10 days, and it made such an impact that they continued with TV for the whole of 2018. Eden Verandas produced a commercial in 2017 and we use it for 6 months of each year, during peak times, to maximise their key season. They have just gone back on air in March with a modest £15k spend and experienced over £50k of sales before the month even ended (and they have a typically long lead time). Out & Out have just launched their first TV campaign with their garden furniture, whilst Kinetico have found that their press campaigns work fantastically when supported by TV;  we are just about to test an ongoing campaign to keep leads coming in outside their campaign offer period.
Not only do we get clients onto TV for the first time in a very low risk and manageable way – essentially our objective is to prove TV as a medium for their business – we also have a strong track record of taking existing campaigns and making them work harder. Using a combination of ‘tweaking’ the creative, introducing analytical tools, close campaign monitoring and employing flexibility with the sales houses to cherry pick channels rather than buy channel packages, the results we have delivered show significant improvements.

To learn more about how TV can breathe new life into your business contact Lesley Bowman on 01225 758222 or email