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TV campaigns go from strength to strength

As we return to a period of relative stability after a turbulent couple of years we have taken the time to reflect on how our business has changed and why that is. Possibly the most significant shift is the amount of clients who are running TV campaigns, either for the first time or revisiting it after a long break. We are seeing that whilst media such as press and inserts are holding steady, TV advertising is taking off in a big way.

Of course, TV itself has seen significant changes in recent times. The rise of subscription based streaming services naturally brought about concern that the traditional paid for TV adverts were on their way out but this has proved not to be the case. The mainstream channels are more than holding their own whilst streaming platforms are seeking to more effectively monetise their offerings, with many now accepting ads. TV advertising remains as relevant and impactful today as it ever was, perhaps even more so.

Clients who add TV campaigns to their media mix flourish

TV has been a strong area of growth at AJ for a few years now and whilst we still very much believe in print media, we have seen that adding a TV campaign to the media mix has achieved great results for our clients. Our clients’ TV campaigns have not only massively increased web traffic & phone calls but more importantly driven quality sales. As if that’s not enough, we also see that TV advertising is more likely to deliver sales from brand new customers. The fact that TV campaigns can deliver consumers who are new to a brand shows that TV reaches those who just aren’t active consumers of printed media, opening up a whole new customer base. 

Most clients are surprised to learn that even a relatively small budget can catapult your business, we aren’t, we’ve seen this several times this year alone!  The result is that we have more clients than ever not just running test campaigns, but committing long-term to TV advertising and planning to be ‘on air’ on an ongoing basis in 2024. 

In November alone we had five clients running with a total of seven different campaigns and we have at least two more clients planning to test in early 2024. There’s more in the pipeline too, it seems like TV is the place to be in 2024!

For a no obligation chat about how TV can transform your business with spends as low as £25k a month, give us a call or read our blog post to find out how we can make your budget go further on TV.