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Hot off the press

We need to talk about Newt

Newt is our Agency dog. Although not with us every day, she’s quite a regular, accompanying MD Alice on her days in the office most weeks.

Newt is very small but she has a very large presence. Mostly well-behaved, extremely cute and relatively docile, she can turn feisty without warning when a dog appears in the office next door. And the larger the dog, the bigger her reaction.  She can also be rather lively when male visitors arrive, particularly those wearing wide legged trousers…for some reason these give her the most cause for complaint but we’ve yet to discover why. Perhaps we should introduce a dress code?

With the wealth of newspapers and magazines surrounding her in the Agency, it’s no wonder that Newt is rather interested in current affairs and she has rather strong opinions, particularly on two issues. With this in mind, we thought we’d give her a chance to voice these today:

Leave or Remain?

I’m definitely not one to languish about indoors all day. Any excuse to get out onto the fields or charge through the woods chasing squirrels and I’m there. I also love running along the canal with my mum (even if she does run like a whippet).

Meat or Plant Based?

Well vegetables have their place – particularly when poached in chicken stock – but I would struggle to give up my meat dishes. I’m particularly enjoying beef stew at the moment and believe me, with the miles I’m currently clocking up, I need it!

Newt is currently helping Alice raise money for The Dorset County Hospital Charity in support of Alice’s stepsister, Becky. Alice is nearing the end of her 365 day challenge and has kept her pledge to run every day, whatever the weather and wherever she is.  You can find out more, and offer your support to  Alice (and Newt)  at  Alice’s Just Giving Page