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Will he, won’t he?

With shoppers becoming choosier about where they spend their precious pounds, the value of every potential customer is greater now than ever before. When anyone shows any interest in your products or services – whether visiting your site or requesting a brochure – you need to be sure you’re doing everything you can to convert these leads into sales.

We help clients to work their leads and encourage a continuous, clear channel of communication flowing to encourage purchase. A robust CRM system with a range of automated processes and actions makes customer communications a breeze, ensuring every sniff of a sale is responded to and maximised. Not only this, but effective CRM systems give real insight into customer behaviour such as what motivates people to buy, how much they are spending and what offers they respond to best.

We know that customers respond more favourably to personalised offers so having a clear understanding of your customers’ preferences and buying patterns is vital – allowing you to create as many carefully targeted messages as possible and keep you ahead of your competitors.

At AJ, we understand the value of customer loyalty and our clients benefit from our knowledge and expertise in working customer data and seeing strong results from initiatives such as our Recommend a Friend programmes and postcard campaigns.

If you feel you might not be making the most of your current leads and would like to find out more about how we can help,  please let us know!