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Totally Committed

Talented individuals working as a team

Each of us understands how the AJ business model works, our role in it and collectively what we need to do to achieve the very best for our clients. Every day we’re asked to do the impossible and turn it into the doable. From working to very tight deadlines to making the most of limited budgets, we don’t just deliver, we do it with aplomb.


Here at AJ, our core values help us aim to be the best for ourselves and our clients

Caring about our clients business enough to put them at the centre of what we do
Loving what we do and working with passion
Inspiring collaboration as team and encouraging creativity and development
Exceeding clients’ expectations by being excellent and impressive
New areas of growth are key to protecting the business
Taking responsibility for successes and failure ensuring we learn from the good and bad

  • creative director Tim with a crook and toy sheep

    Tim Blackshaw

    Creative Director

    Meet Tim, our Creative Director and artistic visionary. With a sharp design sense and innovative zeal, Tim crafts compelling visual narratives from concepts. His years of crafting his skills on brand campaigns in London have led to being able to produce DR ads that not only generate results but look good too – something that has lifted AJ above its competitors. His expertise and leadership drive our team to push creative limits, yielding remarkable, memorable outcomes. In his free time, Tim tends to his sheep on his farm and enjoys a leisurely walk.

    If you were given a free day to go anywhere/do anything how would you use it? Go climb a mountain. I love doing it but never seem to have the time these days.

    What’s your biggest pet peeve? People walking down the road texting rather than looking where they’re going and expecting me to move out their way.

  • Media Director Alice in a yoga pose

    Alice Buttling

    Managing Director & Media Director

    Meet Alice, our Managing Director, a visionary shaping our agency’s path. With 25+ years in the industry, Alice leads our strategic direction, nurturing innovation, and growth. Her dynamic leadership and unwavering commitment empower us to surpass client expectations. She remains ‘hands on’ and can’t resist a media negotiation, she is driven by the numbers and genuinely gets a kick out of making an impact on a clients business.  Alice drives our agency’s success, pushing us toward new horizons and setting industry standards. In her free time, she enjoys Yoga Nidra for relaxation and gentle skiing in France. 

    If you were a gangster, what would your gangster name be? Big Al.

    Favourite Joke? What did the carpet say to the door?……I can see your knob.

  • Media Manager Jack playing golf

    Jack Gillett

    Media Manager

    Meet Jack, our Strategist and Media Manager, blending commercial expertise with media prowess. With years of experience, Jack crafts data-driven strategies to elevate brands and ROI’s, while skilfully orchestrating media planning and execution for precise audience targeting.  A master at building strong relationships with media and clients alike, he gets a real kick out a striking a deal. His passion for the ever-changing media landscape means he can take market insight and use it to create new opportunities.  Beyond work, he’s an avid golfer, often likened to the Maurice Flitcroft of the golfing world.

    What is your biggest pet peeve? Noisy eaters fill me with rage.

    If you were given a free day to go anywhere/do anything how would you use it? I’d want top clearance to go and have a look round Area 51, access all areas. Show me the green people.

  • Financial Controller Ben juggling

    Ben Hyde

    Financial Controller

    Meet Ben, our Financial Controller, who boasts 7 years of financial management expertise. He deftly guides us through intricate financial terrain, safeguarding our agency’s financial wellbeing and growth. Ben’s always ensuring that we are never missing a payment or bill and what he doesn’t know about Excel is not worth knowing. Out of work, he is a gaming enthusiast, diving deep into Rocket League and Satisfactory.

    What’s the worst meal you have ever cooked?  Possibly Toad In The Hole when I forgot to put the sausages in? So I just had a massive Yorkshire pudding.

    If you could give a TED talk on one thing, what would it be? Spread sheets! – Excel!

  • new business director Lesley reading

    Lesley Bowman

    New Business Director

    Introducing Lesley, our New Business Director, a dynamic strategist powering our growth. Lesley doesn’t believe in the hard sell but drives our expansion and success through forging strategic partnerships and nurturing client relationships. She focusses her efforts in the new business prospects that she really believes we can make a difference too, so if you hear from her then she will try to gently persuade you that a meeting will be worthwhile. In her spare time, she enjoys galavanting across to Italy, eating the finest food and dreams of kicking it with Eric Cantona.

    What’s something that most people don’t know about you? Played a cockney in a play on television aged 14.

    If you were a gangster, what would your gangster name be? Fat Les.

  • Vince playing game

    Vince Hunt

    Senior Artworker

    Meet Vince, our tireless artworker. Vince plays to his strengths with his skills in hard hitting direct response ads. Whether it is for garden furniture or collectible coin ads, he has a brilliant eye for creating ads that generate sales. His attention to detail and boundless enthusiasm helps keep our clients happy. While at home, Vince is a Paladin while he plays D&D and playing with his lovely cats.

    If you were a competitive food eater, what would be the food you would choose? Wine gums. Shortly followed by the regret of eating too many wine gums.

    What is your biggest fear? Car carriers on dual carriageways. I swear that shit is gonna Final Destination me one day.

  • Project manager Ibby cooking

    Ibby Gilani

    Project Manager

    Introducing Ibby, our Project Manager, the driving force behind our flawless project executions. Ibby expertly guides cross-functional teams, ensuring timely and compliant project delivery. He has brought organisational finesse and strategic thinking to our processes, streamlining our systems and ensuring efficiency, creativity and development of the team.  His rare blend of artistic flair and commercial mind has been showcased in many projects and catapulted his progression within AJ. Off-duty, he enjoys baking his signature treats and crafting Oscar-worthy scripts (in his dreams).

    If you could give a TED talk on one thing, what would it be? Why Ratatouille is the greatest film of all time.
    What’s something that most people don’t know about you? I once fell down the stairs dressed as Scream and thought I got straight back up when I was out cold for a minute.

  • art director Sam drawing

    Sam Wakeman

    Head of Studio & Art Director

    Meet our art director and head of studio, Sam. With 20 years of experience, Sam helps our creative team with their artistic direction and pushes them to enhance their skills. Sam’s great skill lies in concept creation and developing ideas, a craft he has mastered, having come up through the ranks at AJ – a true home-grown talent having been mentored for many years by our Creative Director, Tim.  After work, Sam can be found exploring all the best salted caramel/ Biscoff related products across the land.

    What’s the worst meal you have ever cooked? Toasted sandwich with cheese, peanut butter, marmite and mayonnaise. It was a flavourless texture sandwich that stuck to the roof of your mouth.

    If you were a gangster, what would your gangster name be? Sideways Jeb.

  • artworker Rachel with her dog

    Rachel Powell

    Artworker Executive

    Introducing our artworker, Rachel. She is a meticulous crafter with a real flair for anything fashion related and her style can be recognised by her feminine touch. Rachel is always ensuring our artwork meets the highest standards of quality. Away from AJ, Rachel is often working on a pottery project and professes to be the number one fan of peanut butter in the world. 

    What do you think is the most important invention in history? The printing press.

    If you were a wrestler what would your entrance theme be? The Pink Panther intro song.

  • account manager Solene watching a movie

    Solene Synnott

    Media Account Manager

    Introducing Solene, our Media Account Manager. She expertly masters producing detailed dashboards of results which ‘wow’ the clients and are the perfect tool for media planning and negotiating ensuring we drive campaign success and ROI. Solene’s highly driven and always keen to learn new skills, having taken courses in TV planning, social media and PPC she is a real asset to the team and her broad knowledge shows in her media strategies. When not with AJ, Solene enjoys catching the latest films or going for evening runs.  

    What is your biggest fear? Adults who drink Capri Sun.

    What do you think is the most important invention in history? The toilet.

  • Communications Manager Helen camping

    Helen Gower

    Senior Communications Manager

    Meet Helen, our Communications Manager and copywriter extraordinaire, boasting over 20 years of experience. Helen seamlessly merges strategic communications management with captivating copywriting, ensuring timely content delivery and resonating narratives. Her talent for uniting logistics and creativity is invaluable, driving impactful, well-timed messages that boost engagement but with her heart in DR the primary focus is always results. In her free time, Helen enjoys camping and immersing herself in the great outdoors.

    If you were suddenly shrunk to the size of a grain of rice, what would you do to draw attention to yourself? Nothing, I’d live forever like a tiny King.

    If you were a wrestler what would your entrance theme be?  Old Town Road by Lil Nas X.

  • Head of TV advertising Eva sleeping

    Eva Angel

    Head of TV

    Meet Eva, our Head of TV, steering our agency’s television campaigns. Eva orchestrates data-driven, impactful TV campaigns that boost brands and yield results. Her analytical skills and adaptability are key drivers of our clients’ TV success. She blends the use of analytics software with hand crafting a bespoke plan and works tirelessly on ensuring all our campaigns are delivered on budget. Beyond work, Eva enjoys watching films starring The Rock or getting lost in a good book. 

    Favourite joke? The urge to sing ‘the lion sleeps tonight’ is never more than a whim away.

    Which famous person, dead or alive, would you like by your side during a zombie apocalypse? Jackie Chan.

  • artworker Kayleigh drawing

    Kayleigh Anderson

    Studio Co-ordinator & Artworker

    Kayleigh is our artworker and production co-ordinator extraordinaire. With a focus on web-based design and social media, Kayleigh has shown a real knack for intricate creative and efficiently managing administrative tasks. Having run her own e-commerce business, she has the added advantage of commercial awareness in her designs.  In her spare time, Kayleigh is a costume designer and an avid gamer, spending hours on Skyrim. 

    If you were a competitive food eater, what would be the food you would choose? Skips.

    If you were suddenly shrunk to the size of a grain of rice, what would you do to draw attention to yourself? I would make a teeny tiny kite and pull it along with me.

  • Jess Webber


    Introducing our newest artworker, Jess. She has a real eye for pattern and colour while maintaining a passion for digital advertising. Jess is constantly striving to improve her existing skills and learn new ones. Outside of AJ, she can often be found in the gym lifting weights and when she isn’t in the gym she will be discussing why Taylor Swift is an underrated musician.

    Favourite joke?  What did the mayonnaise say when the refrigerator door was opened? Close the door, I’m dressing.

    If you came home and found a penguin in your freezer, what would you do? Have a dance party.

  • receptionist Katherine drinking a cup of tea

    Katherine Crick

    Office Administrator

    Katherine is our receptionist and office administrator, the welcoming face and organisational backbone of our workplace. Katherine expertly manages the phone lines while dealing with several crucial administrative tasks that helps keep the company move forward. She looks after our guests from the moment they walk in the door and takes of the team by organising everything from socials to ensuring we never run out of tea & coffee.  Outside of AJ you will find Katherine reading a hundred books at once.

    If you were a competitive food eater, what would be the food you would choose? Maltesers.

    If you could give a TED talk on one thing, what would it be? If chocolate was meant to be put in the fridge you’d find it in the chilled section of the supermarket, thank you for coming my TED talk.

  • TV media executive Jack in a Bristol Rovers football kit

    Jack Waldron

    Media Executive

    Meet Jack, our Media Executive, a rising star on our media team. He’s driven to learn and passionate about media, aiding in crafting impactful strategies. Jack’s committed to data analysis which not only enables us to optimise our campaigns but he transforms this into a dashboard of stats for the clients, so they always have a view of the campaigns top line performance.  A dedicated team player, he consistently hones his skills, so has quickly become a real asset to the team. Beyond work, Jack enjoys playing footy and watching Love Island.  

    If you came home and found a penguin in your freezer, what would you do? Fist bump, head nod, we move.

    Favourite joke? What do you call a cheap circumcision? A rip off.

  • Newt

    Head of Security

    Newt is very conscious of new people entering the agency and voices her wariness with gusto: namely to mask wearers, Ben in accounts and the postman. She regularly accompanies our MD, Alice on her days in the office.

    On her days off, Newt loves nothing better than attempting to chase a squirrel – or a cat. She’s not fussy.

Bath is a great place to work and visit

Based in the beautiful heritage city of Bath with fast railway links and national motorways close by we’re in quick and easy reach for businesses far and wide. Our office is in a converted mill overlooking the Avon canal. Are we spoilt? Well, yes we probably are but it’s also a nice place for clients to come to. Open plan, it encourages interaction between the team and ensures we’re all constantly aware of what’s happening in the agency.

Learn About Our Working Culture

We call it The AJ Way

Looking at ways to make our business run in a more sustainable and planet friendly way.

Recently, we have become aware of the carbon footprint of emails. Admittedly, the amount of carbon footprint produced by an individual email is tiny but when combined, these emails add up to a staggering amount. Email still remains a relatively environmentally friendly means of communicating and marketing but that doesn’t mean we can’t collectively help make things better.

Some figures that surprised us:

64 million

unnecessary emails are sent by Brits every day (Source: OVO)

16,433 tonnes

The amount of carbon saved if we all just sent one less email a day

As an agency we will be doing the following, we hope we have your understanding and support but absolutely feel free to draw our attention to anything that doesn’t work for you.
  • Sending fewer emails – we are trying to send fewer, more succinct emails that cover off multiple points and make phone calls, where appropriate.
  • Send emails to fewer people – unless requested otherwise we won’t copy in groups of people.
  • Reduce the number of attachments we send – if we’ve already sent you an ad/visual/spreadsheet we won’t send the same thing again, unless you specifically ask for it.
  • Reducing “unnecessary” emails – we’re trying to avoid sending too many short, courtesy emails (Thanks, You Too, LOL, Have a Good Weekend) this will be a tough one, we are British after all.
  • Delete emails – a small gesture but this will reduce the amount of energy used to store them in data centres.
  • Unsubscribing from newsletters we don’t read.

This is our starting point.  We know we won’t be perfectly efficient when it comes to sending emails but we are going to try!

Best wishes,