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Nothing beats TV for business growth

If you are looking to grow your business in the most cost-effective way, then TV advertising is the answer. It has unbeatable reach and scale, and will drive phone calls, footfall, web traffic and, most importantly, sales. It is the most consumed media in our advertising day and it’s vital for long-term success. And TV advertising is now more effective than ever.

AJ is an independent media agency with no share deals or contracts in place to influence our TV planning. We produce TV advertising campaigns that are 100% bespoke and individually tailored to a client’s needs and objectives. This makes our TV buying efficient and agile. We provide a full script to screen service and a low risk approach.

Key Stats


of all video advertising viewed is TV


of all adults are reached weekly


of TV campaigns deliver a profitable return (3-6 months)


of adults watch 50+ linear TV ads a day

Source: Thinkbox

TV advertising too expensive? Think again.

With AJ’s Script To Screen TV Packages, you can get on TV from just £37K.

TV Marketing Options


Traditional ‘spot’ advertising bought against a CPT on over 400 TV channels in the UK.

BVOD (Broadcaster Video On Demand)

A growing area that is particularly important in reaching a younger audience. Adds reach to a linear TV campaign.


From a basic on-air link with a programme to a fully integrated partnership including product placement, licensing and more – there are sponsorships to fit all needs and budgets.


Target in a granular way by showing specific ads to specific households. With the likes of Adsmart from Sky, you can be even more targeted in your communications.

Scotts of Stow
Please pass on my thanks to every member of the team at AJ. This commercial succeeds in separating us from the crowd of boring, samey, DRTV fashion commercial.
Scotts of Stow