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Eden Verandas Case study

Eden Verandas is one of the leading suppliers of glass verandas and open glass rooms in the UK. Eden has been an AJ client for many years, active in Press, TV and Inserts. They were reaching saturation point in their current media channels and wanted to reach a new audience. Looking at their competitors and wanting to utilise a new media channel, DRTV was introduced.


Provide a competitive offer to enhance response

Measure campaign performance to aid channel selection

Deliver a competitive commercial that illustrates craftsmanship, versatility and a bespoke offering

Select daytime TV to target 55 years+ audience cost effectively


AJ provided a full-service role in terms of producing the TV commercial and booking the media airtime. The commercial was shot using a drone to capture aerial shots as well as inside shots to show how versatile a glass veranda can be. This was then edited in post-production to include a free furniture offer initially then changed to our current “25% off” offer. Strategically we opted for a 30 second DRTV commercial.

In terms of media, station selection was based on a target audience who indexed highly against AB 55 years+.

Typical programming was classic films, drama and property. For example: A Place In The Sun and George Clarke: Ugly House to Lovely House.


  • Marketing % YOY has reduced by 40%.
  • CPSV has reduced by 30%.
  • CPB has reduced by 45%.
  • Internal reporting was based on leads, appointment and sales attributed.
  • Individual telephone numbers were used so channels could be tracked.
  • AJ used Adalyser tracking to optimise and test new channels in-campaign.
  • TV fuelled other media performances. When TV came off air, the client could see a notable difference in response verses when they were on.
  • They have now been on air for 4 years and have reduced all press spend as they have enough volume from TV alone.
I have been working with Attinger Jack for over 20 years, the media team work hard to bring me their best rates on a daily basis.