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Serious Readers Case study

Serious Readers are a British company and a market leader in high performance, daylight quality lights. Perfect for reading by, they’re also used by forensic scientists, watchmakers and surgeons to help them see more clearly.

Previously, inserts had proved highly successful for them in terms of recruitment but they continued to struggle to make press work in a similar manner. Initially created in-house, they turned to AJ with our wealth of DR press experience and briefed us to deliver five objectives.


Produce response-driven press creative to engage with AB adults 50yrs+

Address seasonality vs light purchasing, in order to have presence all year round

Develop a test schedule and buy media on the short-term market to hit ROI targets set by client

Recommend an attribution solution to deliver transparency on press performance

Provide weekly press results to ensure press deliverables are met


We initially reviewed OTP & Insert results from the previous year to gain a valuable insight into the best performing titles. Alongside our press recommendation we then created a test schedule. Our starting point was a minimum-risk test in varying formats and we bought predominantly late space to deliver the most cost-effective response.

Serious Readers then sent us coded weekly results based on a free light offer that allowed us to see which ads were working best. It was immediately obvious from the positive results we received that we could extend the title selection further and carry out more testing.

Weekly results analysis continued and we optimised the schedule on a weekly basis. This allowed us to grow the list of titles and run a series of different creative, always ensuring we had the best-performing piece of copy in the right titles. In all, the agency developed over 15 pieces of profitable creative.


6 years later and we are still delivering profitable press campaigns, growing the spend from a £20k test plan to a £600k a year campaign.

Another record-breaking week of sales for us last week – beating the record from the previous week – followed by a very strong weekend and today. Adverts not the only contributor of course but a significant factor. Thanks to all at AJ for doing a fantastic job!