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A different culture

A uniquely structured approach to ROI

Here at AJ, we’re completely focused on maximising our client’s ROI. In order to do that we work in a very different way. Our unique approach is a structured, cyclical process based on analysis, creative development and testing.

It’s what drives us and has made us one of the most successful direct response agencies in the UK.

We never give up!

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We research competitors, the market, and client results.

We create responsive, effective advertising. Having placed over 180,000 ads – we know what works.

We test all areas channels, titles, positions, sizes, offer, copy.

We collect robust data process, analyse, learn, plan.

We then repeat once we have a high performing campaign delivering pre-agreed KPI’s, we work hard to keep it on track.

This approach ensures we react quickly and effectively to ever-changing markets.

Our points of difference

  • We plan and buy media based on campaign results
  • We work with a series of attribution tools to track campaign performances
  • Our business model is free creative from concept through to a multitude of different ad sizes
  • We encourage our clients to test different pieces of creative – a change of headline, offer or imagery to find the most responsive version
  • Our single agency goal is to grow our client’s business
Donald Russell
We moved our OTP buying to AJ in an attempt to revive a channel that had previously performed well but was suffering declining response and increasing CPAs. Their creative options and media buying rates have already breathed new life into our activity. They understand our brand and the challenges we face.


Understanding our clients’ results, targets and margins means we offer unique insight, maximising every opportunity to make the most of their budgets. Our media team is passionate about circulations, CPT, buying rates, responses, sales values and ROI. Results and analysis are our foundation and this approach equips us to negotiate the best rates for our clients. We have no contracts or share deals with any media owners so there is only ever one reason a channel or title would be on a plan, because we believe it will work.
Alice Buttling, Managing Director