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A captive audience

Radio offers quick turnaround and many tactical opportunities

Radio is a highly cost-efficient medium with mass reach – ideal for businesses looking to grow. With the ability to advertise both nationally and regionally, it’s flexible and affordable.

Radio is a fantastic support channel for TV and other activity, with lower cost media and production than TV, and builds brand awareness and frequency.

Speed of turnaround for media and production is much faster than TV so you can be more tactical.

Key stats


people tune into radio each week


of adults listen to radio every week


hours of live radio consumed weekly on average


the average ROI generated on radio

Radio Options

Spot airtime

Scheduled airtime can be bought across multiple stations, nationally or regionally, day parts and days of the week. The most commonly used and flexible form of advertising.

Radio Trading Desk

Buy unsold inventory at very low CPTs via an auction across a large selection of national and regional stations.


Sponsor the traffic, weather, sport, drive time – there are many ways to engage with the listener.

Source: RadioCentre

On the final evening before the radio advertising comes to an end, I’d like to say fantastic slots, I must have heard it 15 times whilst not looking at the timings...Brilliant!
Hippo PRO 3