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Category: Case studies

elephant and a giraffe up a tree

AJ partners with News UK to make digital advertising DR friendly

For as long as digital advertising has been around we’ve been pitched it by numerous different outlets.  Whilst the visuals… Read more »

Trust me, I’m a doctor..

Does anyone say that any more and does it even make sense now? Trust used to be such a key… Read more »

How do you Dooo?

We are delighted to be working with start-up, Dooo, a new app described as “Uber for Hair”. Booking a haircut… Read more »


In a world where customer journeys are increasingly complex and fragmented, attributing a cost or sale to a specific channel… Read more »

Need more space? Inserts could be your next move..

In one way or another most of us are hankering after extra space in our lives, a bigger desk, a… Read more »

A quick way of getting on TV for less

Turn your existing footage into a highly responsive TV commercial Already got a promotional video or two? Made a recruitment… Read more »

A fruitful blend of BR & DR TV

At AJ, we understand the value of a blended approach and that sometimes the ideal solution to driving sales is… Read more »

Do coupons in ads still work?

Back in the day, every direct response ad had a coupon but the growth of online sales has seen more… Read more »


From Zero to Hero – a case study

We were approached by Velo and Co with regards to selling their face covers off the page. Previously a product… Read more »