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In a world where customer journeys are increasingly complex and fragmented, attributing a cost or sale to a specific channel can be difficult.

Yet without this, it’s impossible to gain a true picture of what works where and you won’t see the most value from a media spend. We believe in being totally accountable in everything we do and that includes the response performance of our clients’ advertising. So we’ve developed a series of tools that enhances the accuracy and quality of attribution across all media. The result? Consistently lower cost per sale and improved ROI for our clients.

Aquability is a leading supplier of bathroom mobility solutions. With over 300 ads running per quarter, using a unique code for each ad allows us to drill down into the best titles, sizes, sections, copy and days of the week. We look not only at the cost per lead and volume of leads but also the conversion to appointment and sale. This ensures we achieve the perfect balance of quantity and quality. Working in this way has enabled us to grow the business from spending £30k a month to £180k a month whilst maintaining the marketing percentage.

Serious Readers make the best reading lights on the market. We advised giving away a free product when the customer quotes a code. This not only improved the results in terms of volume of orders but also added attribution to their previously disappointing campaign. Knowledge of each insertion has meant we can test different creative executions with confidence. By finding the banker ads, we turned press around from not working to being the lead source of sales and from being seasonal to active throughout the year. Spend increased from a £20k test to budget of £500k and the attributed ROI increased by 500%.

If conventional attribution methods are no longer working for you, we can help.