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A quick way of getting on TV for less

Turn your existing footage into a highly responsive TV commercial

Already got a promotional video or two? Made a recruitment film or recently shot some content for your website? Then you could already have enough material to put together an impactful, lead generating TV AD at very little cost. Not only that, you could be on air very quickly too.

That’s what happened to our latest client MPCT, a highly respected military training college aimed at 16-19 year old students looking for a different sort of career path. MPCT had already made a number of promotional videos explaining what they had to offer but had never made a TV commercial, choosing instead to target their market through other channels like digital and direct mail. MPCT were keen to try TV given it could reach both student and parent but had previously considered it too expensive.

We suggested it might actually be possible to create a TV commercial from their existing and past footage saving both the expense of filming and production time. Writing a 60 second script presented a challenge as the video content had already been shot to a specific brief and included direct to camera dialogue. This meant analysing each scene for its suitability before adding it to a library of action that could possibly be used in the TV commercial. Writing the script itself involved combining a new voiceover with existing dialogue whilst at the same time selecting clips that when edited together created one seamless film. Tricky, but the results show the effort was well worth it. For an overall production cost of under £7000 and an airtime spend of £27000, since the launch of the campaign the cost per Apply Now has reduced by 72% in only 6 weeks!

You can view the commercial