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Hot off the press

Avoid an own goal this Black Friday

Black Friday can offer retailers a real opportunity to drive sales with the potential to reach a huge customer base hungry for discounted products and offers.  It can be a great way to move specific stock fast or offer site-wide discounts that push the numbers and get people talking.

But, if not used wisely, the advertising potential of Black Friday can be missed. Rather than creating recognisable, responsive advertising that delivers, advertisers sometimes lose sight of their goal and end up focusing on the concept of Black Friday itself rather than the sell.

We’ve chosen a few examples of ads in national press this week that we feel may have fallen into this trap.

For those unfamiliar with Pavers and what they sell – rather a missed opportunity?
An unnecessarily dark ad that doesn’t show product range in the best light
If you are going to buck the trend and move away from black, grey is hardly an eye catching or exciting colour to choose. How about Green Friday & give some profits to charity perhaps?

A clearly ‘Black Friday’ ad that ensures product and offers are the focus

And this example, our ad for The Greenhouse People, which we believe gets the balance right. But the results will speak for themselves..