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Boost ROI with Radio

Female radio presenter broadcasting

Here at AJ we think radio advertising doesn’t appear on as many media schedules as it deserves to. Just because a radio campaign lacks visual impact doesn’t mean it lacks effectiveness.  

Radio advertising is uniquely placed in our lives. It’s not just listened to on the school run and at “drive time”. In fact, more people listen to radio during the day than at any other time. Aside from being with us on the commute, it’s in the kitchen whilst we cook, in the office as we work, in the living room helping us entertain the kids and in the garden when we relax with friends. A radio advertising campaign can have a far greater reach than you might realise.

It’s rare we are in a place where radio is not available so it’s unsurprising that 89% of adults listen to the radio every week. And 38 million people in the UK tune into commercial radio on a weekly basis.

Unlike other media, radio builds a special connection with its listeners. The radio is seen as a companion and its presenters feel like friends. This strong relationship means the audience are loyal to, and trust, their favourite broadcasters.

Whether you are looking at regionally targeted activity that connects with people on a local level or you are looking to reach large numbers with a national campaign, we can provide you with a radio schedule that meets all your objectives.

Radio is incredibly targeted too. The wide range of commercial stations available means you can communicate efficiently with your chosen audience, whatever demographic you are looking to reach.

Not only is radio airtime and production cheaper than TV, a radio campaign will create a “halo effect” boosting the impact of press, online and TV activity. 

Industry research shows:

  • Campaigns that include radio are 60% more likely to make a brand famous*.
  • Radio has been shown to boost online browsing by 52%*
  • The average ROI generated by a radio campaign is an impressive £7.70*.

Brands who have a physical outlet will also be able to measure and track increased footfall to their premises. The low cost of running radio ads means an advertiser can reallocate a proportion of their advertising budget to this medium and increase overall awareness for no extra spend.

Now is a really good time to get on air.

We’re being offered stronger deals than we’ve seen for a long time. Now is a great time to test. If you’ve never tried radio advertising before and want to know more, or if radio is already part of your schedule and you are interested in hearing how we can improve your results, brief us and we’ll tell you how we can get your message heard by huge numbers of your target market. Get in touch to find out more.

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