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Don’t neglect your data

A question we asked all our clients at the beginning of the year is ‘Are you working your database smart enough?’. Thoughtful, targeted use of your data can make a huge difference to your customer spend but is often over looked.

So, rather than blanket over-emailing or sending loads of catalogues in the post – taking time to assess exactly what your customers respond to best is time well spent. When you carefully analyse the messages, the medium and the offers that generate the best results, you will be able to make your communications more personal and impactful.

We know that customers respond more positively to personalised offers and, with consumers becoming increasingly selective with their spending, this is more important now than ever. Careful targeting can help your message cut through the noise to deliver sales. We use a mailing system which allows for huge flexibility and is ideal for delivering personalised messages. You can tailor your messages individually or in groups so eliminate wastage (another key consideration) to ensure you get the best response rates and value for money.

We are seeing fantastic results with this approach and it is certainly helping to negate the fall in response rates that most of our clients have experienced in 2023. If you are interested in exploring mailing opportunities in this way, we’d love to chat through your plans with you.

Alice Buttling, MD & Media Director