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Hot off the press

So long Stella…

I was sad when I heard that the Telegraph were closing Stella. I thought it was one of the best supplements and that it really added value as well as some vibrancy and style to the Sunday package.  But more to the point, it worked really well for our clients – hence us having at least a page in every issue. 

Whilst I am sure they will find a good place for the content, and digitally it will make no difference, I worry that not having a standalone glossy mag will be detrimental to the advertisers that currently show it a loyal following; the ads just don’t look the same in newsprint (nor do their editorial images) and for the reader, I am not convinced that they will enjoy the reading experience in the same way.

I am sure the new Telegraph Mag will be wonderful, but this won’t fill the Sunday void.  I shall wait to pass full judgement until we find out more about the replacement offerings, but I for one will be sad to see it go and I hope that their print circulation does not suffer; although having opted out of ABC audits we will rely on their data coming through.

Alice Buttling, MD & Media Director