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Five facts about TV advertising..

These fiendish facts about TV advertising from Thinkbox might surprise you:

  • Adults spend on average 13.2 hours per week watching commercial TV reaching 43 million individuals.
  • Linear TV and broadcaster VOD combined reaches 89% of the adult population each week.
  • TV boosts the effects of other ad channels by up to 54%.
  • TV constitutes an average 66% of smaller brands media budget but returned 80% of all ad-generated sales.
  • TV ads are the most trusted by the public.

No other form of advertising has the reach of TV. We know that some businesses feel that TV is beyond them, that it’s only for advertisers with bigger budgets. But at AJ, we understand how to test TV with a low-risk, low cost strategy. A strategy that can be analysed and tweaked while it runs and rolled out further thereafter. Clients we have introduced to TV, stay on TV.

So, if you’re not out there already – and particularly if your competitors are – isn’t it time you were seen on screen?

To find out how we can help you launch your first TV campaign – or turn around a previously disappointing launch – please contact