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Use insert advertising to tell your customers more.

If you’re like our clients you have scores of wonderful things you want to say about your product range and your company. However, the reality is that an advert can only accommodate so much information. Even running a a full page advert doesn’t always give you the space you need. If you choose to run an insert advertising campaign you’re able choose a format that gives you as much space as required.  

Insert advertising gives you more space to talk

If you find that OTP just doesn’t always allow you the space to do your brand justice, it’s worth considering insert advertising. No more agonising between promoting “Product A” and “Product B”, you can run them both and “Products C&D” too! You know your lovely company backstory? The one that really gives your brand personality and a real point of difference but just won’t fit into an ad? No problem if you’re running inserts, just add on an extra page and tell the customer all they need to know. Or how about the high ticket, considered purchase you’re selling? Run a larger format with informative copy and really sell the product benefits. You’ll warm the lead up before it even gets to your sales staff.  

Successful campaigns get the balance right

Obviously, there needs to be strategic thought behind larger formats. When planning insert advertising it’s not necessarily a case of bigger equals better. The costs associated with producing a larger piece need to be carefully weighed up against the benefits. That’s where we come in. With over twenty years insert experience we know what size is likely to work best for your objectives. We know when to up-page and what information you can cut out without losing responses. We constantly monitor campaign results so we can refine for next time and we work hard to ensure your insert advertising is a success. Find out more about inserts here.

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