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Is it just me or..?

MD Alice lets off steam…When The Apprentice first came out 17 series ago – I was fairly new to running a business and I embraced the concept that you could win the opportunity to have an amazing business career working for Alan Sugar.  I loved the show and although there were, of course, some elements of playing to the camera it all seemed pretty genuine (or maybe I was more naive then). 

Over the years, however, it has evolved into some sort of pantomime; the more ridiculous the personalities the better, the more idiotic their comments the more fuel for Alan Sugar to deliver his terrible one liners (which they all simultaneously laugh at).  The candidates stopped competing for a job many years ago, instead looking for an investment in their terrible business ideas.  If any of these plans were any good, they would not be on the show – and if any of the candidates were credible business people or entrepreneurs they would not be there either. 

The most disappointing element however is the portrayal of women in business.  The primary coloured skin-tight dresses, the heels, the huge fake lips, the big hair, excessive make up, the eyebrows…….I have worked in business for over 25 years and I have never come across women who look like this.  I have no idea where you would even buy these outfits or how long it would take to get ready in the morning and why you would bother? They all look like a version of Karren Brady – who herself gets more and more fake looking every season. 

Karren Brady joined The Apprentice in 2009
Karren Brady looking a little different today

Add to this the constant bickering and back stabbing it is fair to say the show does no favours to what real women – hard-working, inspiring, innovative, clever, amazing women – achieve every day, often while juggling this with parenting too. 

I know it is all exaggerated for TV but surely these caricatures are now so ridiculous that there is no point and no relevance in 2023?! Why are the BBC choosing to make such bad TV when there is a great programme concept in there to encourage young and upcoming entrepreneurs?  And before you say it, I know – I should just stop watching it…