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Lessons learned in lockdown

Alice Buttling, MD, reflects on the learnings of the last four months:  

1) Survival of the fittest is certainly true, not just in terms of Covid19 (ironic), but in terms of business.  We have seen how our clients have reacted; some have been able to flourish and adapt and some have not.  Each, however, will emerge from this a different business moving forwards.

2) Relationships are what makes us strong. We already knew this, but our close work with our clients and media partners has enabled us to have the trust in our clients to try things, despite the situation.  Our relationships with the media have meant that in return for continued investment they have reduced rates and improved positions.

3) Team works better as a team – whilst working from home is currently a necessity and everybody has adapted well, in order for our business to thrive we need everybody functioning at maximum capacity and able to work at our usual (speedy) pace and communicate quickly and easily.

4) Adapting has been key – important to our clients but also to us.  Zoom meetings, online software, new ideas and making the most of quieter time to get things done that might have fallen onto the backburner have all helped us to keep our business running.

5) Positioning in the market for AJ has never been better. We have gained credibility and a bit of a voice (which can be built on further) and we look forward to discussing new opportunities with businesses who start to feel it is time for change.  We are proud to have taken on four new clients during lockdown and are delighted that they have all put their faith in AJ to drive their businesses forward during this time, and beyond.

We all know there are still tough times ahead, but we are now returning gradually (and safely) to our office environment and a return to some kind of normal. I know we have a strong team whose collective priority it to continue to do what we have been doing for many years – helping clients grow their businesses in the most cost-effective ways – and to do it even better than ever before.

Alice Buttling, Managing Director & Co-Owner