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Reach your customers with a leaflet campaign

Not reaching your customers effectively? A leaflet campaign could be the answer.

What do you do when you know you are talking to the right people but you still aren’t getting the results you need?  More often than not, it boils down to standout (or lack of). After all, people can’t respond to advertising they haven’t noticed. A leaflet campaign (or insert campaign as it’s known in the trade) can be placed in press and other mailings and is nearly impossible for potential customers to miss.

If you’ve been running OTP press adverts for a while and have noticed that response is starting to wane it could be that your ad has become “wallpaper”.  The pages of newspapers and magazines are busy environments. Not only do you need to rise above your competitors, but there are editorial pieces and brands from other sectors desperately vying for your potential customers’ attention too. 

Why do advertising leaflets work?

An advertising leaflet campaign offers an easy way to cut through the noise.  A physical insert will literally put your message in the hands of your potential customers. It’s hard to ignore something you are holding!  Leaflets also offer the opportunity to really flex some creative muscle. Even full page adverts are limited by their size but when using inserts, your format suits your message, not the other way around. In addition, inserts frequently reach the customers OTP doesn’t. Very few people manage to read every page in a publication, resulting in an element of wastage. If you use inserts it doesn’t matter if your target is a “skipper”.

We’ve seen time and again how a leaflet campaign can revitalise a press schedule and improve sales.  Simply running inserts instead of OTP ads in a few well chosen titles can make a big difference to your overall results.  Get in touch if you want to know how we can help you boost your response. 

For more info on how insert can improve your results click here Inserts – Attinger Jack (