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Sorry to mention the C word..

A family watch television together at Christmas.

…we really are… but advertisers who plan now will see the benefits of optimising their December advertising activity well into the new year.

Christmas is a BIG time for retailers. For some, the run up to 25th December is make or break and getting their Christmas ad spend right is crucial to success.

Advertisers and media outlets are engaged in an ad frenzy where every scrap of inventory is fiercely fought over and priced at a premium. CPT’s are high, inventory is squeezed and TV buyers are working frantically to make sure client campaigns get delivered. Christmas ad spending budgets are soon at their max.

However, come Boxing Day, when all the presents have been bought and all the food has been cooked the advertising world becomes a much quieter place. And advertisers aren’t the only ones winding down. Viewers welcome the opportunity to collapse in front of the telly sharing a box of Quality Street with family and friends. The combination of exhausted advertising budgets and increased viewing means demand is down but supply is up. This results in a marked price drop compared to just a few days earlier.

“Twixmas” advertisers don’t just get lower prices, they get more viewings too.

Over the festive period we gather in groups to watch TV. We sit down as an extended family to watch Mary Poppins or the Bake off Christmas Special. This means an advertiser pays for one viewing but there could be another seven people gathered around the TV. And these people are essentially providing “free” impacts.

Quite simply, lower CPTs mean that budgets go further and advertisers get more for their money. With costs up to 30% lower than the yearly average, businesses who choose to be on air between Christmas and New Year can maximise budgets for greater reach and frequency. Lower prices also mean that expensive channels can become accessible to the smaller advertiser. So it’s not difficult to see how a period many advertisers write-off as dead can become a good way to round off the old year. Or to kick start a new one.

You may not want to be thinking about post-Christmas or even December advertising in the midst of summer but it’s an opportunity too good to miss. We’ve seen some phenomenal results from clients who advertise in between Christmas and New Year. So it’s never too early to have it in the mix.

Why not get in touch to find out how we can help you end the year on a high or boost your start to 2024? After all, Christmas will soon be here, whether we are ready for it or not…