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Sounds like we’re getting it right

Not only do we value our client partnerships, we have always placed huge importance on our relationships with our media partners. And the last 12 months have made us value these more than ever.

Throughout this time, we made it a priority to put deals in place with media owners to offer clients prices that reflected the current situation.  As a result, we were able to keep supporting the magazines and newspapers with good volumes – even in the toughest of times – and the reduced rates and improved positioning meant that the ads kept working and so clients’ confidence grew. As a result, far from lockdown locking them down, we found that for many clients, sales soared.  Mail order clothing (in particular loungewear), home improvement, gardening, DIY, food & drink and (of course ) face masks and hand sanitiser all benefited from robust sales.

With the AJ team all working from home and contending with the challenges that this entails, I was keen to find out how well we have performed from a media owners’ point of view. I wanted to be sure that we were helping not only our clients but also helping the media owners not just survive but thrive.

Having asked for their feedback, I am very pleased with the responses received so far which I would like to share with you here:

I have to say I think that AJA have shone through COVID.  You all adapted super quick to agile working and have been very contactable (possibly more so than in the office). You have been accommodating of our phone calls and have embraced the opportunities of short term deals when they have presented themselves to you.Your clients have hugely benefited from a more flexible approach to structuring deals and you have driven some fantastic business during the period for the likes of Out & Out, Wellbeing, Henchmen as well as the regular advertisers like David Salisbury. 

AJA are up there in terms of our favourite agencies to work with as you always respect the offers and try to find solutions.

From my experience working with AJ in lockdown, I have found that it has been just as easy as it was pre- lockdown to get in contact and to work with everyone over there and you have been just as efficient as before.

AJ has continued to play an important part in driving business for us during lockdown, helping us to drive business in the Saturday Times particularly (where many other advertisers were holding back from bookings) taking more space, more frequently than before. Not only have AJ been continuing to book with existing advertisers, but also bringing new advertisers to the market in such a tough period which only 1 or 2 other agencies have done.I really enjoy working with you all and you make my job very smooth sailing! 

I can honestly say as we went into lockdown and your team began the transition of working from home, it did not affect any communication between us. Everyone responded promptly to emails, texts & calls.

Between us we moved quickly to work on a deal to keep your clients advertising through one of the toughest trading conditions I have experienced in 25 years. With this in place and the smooth communication we have, Attinger Jack currently stands £100k up year on year. There will be very few agencies across the country able to boast that. Each member of your team is open to new ideas and pursues the best deal & positioning possible.

I must mention your production team who have been superb, Considering the volume of ads booked and the quick turnaround for some, there has not been a single problem.

I’ve still found it easy to get hold of everyone and no major change from before lockdown. In terms of driving business I think it has actually worked really well and we had a lot of business coming in from you.

It’s great to gain this kind of feedback from our media partners and to know that we are all working well together to keep business moving in the right direction for us all. It’s also gratifying to be recognised for working that little bit harder too.

Alice Buttling, MD and Media Director, AJ