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Hot off the press

And the Award goes to…

So 2021 proved to be pretty much as challenging as 2020 – but I guess you could argue that this time round at least we were prepared.

Throughout last year we continued to work hard with our clients. We delivered our usual services, and even more, to help clients keep driving sales regardless of the many obstacles we were all battling against.

During this time we witnessed once again our clients’ resilience and fortitude. They contended with a raft of difficulties beyond their control; from stock shortages to delivery disasters, staffing issues and general logistical nightmares. We were constantly impressed by their responses: quickly adapting to change, creating new products, discovering new target markets and stepping out of their comfort zone to try new things such as testing new media, particularly TV.

We believe their determination and ability to ‘step up’ is too good not to recognise so we have launched the first ever AJ You are the Best Bar None Awards, celebrating our clients’ achievements and strength in combating adversity.

The 15 Best Bar None Awards – each comprising a luxury bar of chocolate (of course) include recognition of:

  • Maximising DRTV –with 3 commercials produced – Quooker
  • Testing 13 New Products – Cashmere Centre
  • Testing 15 new Titles, 5 new Creatives and TV – Halo
  • Doubling Insert Spend – Harrington & Byrne
  • Testing TV with our favourite Commercial of 2021 – MPCT
  • Their Lowest Marketing Percentage of 13% – Aquability

We look forward to continuing to work together throughout 2022. Only time will tell what we will be celebrating 12 months from now!