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Return of the QR Code

Sometime in the 2010’s QR codes seemed to be the next big thing in advertising but they never really took off. 

Dismissed as a fad, QR codes were quietly dropped by advertisers and it seemed they had followed Minidiscs, Blackberries and Napster into the tech archives.  Then 2020 happened and suddenly we all had to scan a QR code every time we entered a public building, prompting a surprise renaissance for the clever black and white squares. 

We might not need to scan one to check in at shops and restaurants any more but the QR code has now got its feet firmly under the table and it isn’t going anywhere.  It’s easy to see why: with almost 80% of the UK’s population owning a smartphone, QR codes offer a simple and easy way to interact directly with your customers.  A quick scan can take your customer to a brochure, an offer or even straight to your TV ad. And, as an added bonus for all DR advertisers, this activity is all fully trackable too. 

The opportunity to instantly engage your customer in a much more meaningful way is one that should not be passed over lightly. We’re just surprised not  everyone is doing it. If you haven’t tested using QR codes yet, perhaps it’s time you did!