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A big impact without a big budget

The reach and power of a TV advertising campaign is unbeatable but many marketing professionals are surprised when they find out how affordable it can be.  You really don’t need to have budgets comparable to Tesco, L’Oreal or McDonald’s to run an effective, efficient and memorable TV campaign.

Are your competitors already running a TV campaign?  If so, it could be costing less than you think. Thinkbox, the marketing body for commercial television, tells us that across 2021 a total of 1,286 new brands advertised on TV.  31% of all advertisers spent less than £50k on TV across the year and over half spent less than £250k. Only 10% of advertisers spent £5m or more, demonstrating that a huge budget is far from the norm.

The assumption that TV advertising is expensive means it is frequently overlooked by the brands that would benefit most.  When planning an effective, multi-media campaign, TV should always be considered. But we know from conversations with clients this is frequently not the case. 

So why should a smaller advertiser consider TV?  A few facts…

  • On average, it costs less than a penny to reach 1,000 adults with a 30 second advert or less than half a penny if running a Daytime only campaign.  
  • TV is also, on average, half the price of advertising on YouTube, and around seventeen times cheaper than other online advertising such as Facebook. 
  • Ads only run in high quality, brand safe content
  • Massive roll out potential – you can start small and build coverage as it suits you
  • The perception of TV being expensive means brands airing on commercial channels are seen as higher quality, more successful and more trustworthy than those who don’t.  Adding brand credibility as well as brand recognition.
  • You only pay to reach your target audience – any additional viewers are free!

It’s not just airtime that’s surprisingly cost effective, the cost of TV production is also lower than many assume.  Developments in technology mean an impactful and expensive looking commercial can be produced for relatively little.

Attinger Jack’s Script to Screen TV packages can help you be on TV in the most efficient and economical way possible. We can fully manage the production process from concept and script to filming and editing. Or, if you have that covered, we can provide a bespoke, tailor-made TV plan that will get your brand in front thousands or millions of people in your target audience, as cost effectively as possible.

Given all this, for most advertisers, it’s a no brainer to test TV in order to boost awareness, leads and ultimately sales.  If your agency hasn’t put forward a proposal for a TV campaign, ask them why!